Marc Poggi

About My Photography

Back in about 2014, I had a budding interest for photography but had a major dilemma at the time; buy a cheap film camera to start off or wait months and months until I can afford a 'real' (digital) camera. 

I chose the first option.

My first roll was some Ilford black and white film that came with the $60 camera I bought at a market. Naturally I was a bit apprehensive to start using film because I really had no idea how to use it or how it works.

This is a shot from that first roll.

From that first roll of film, I have ventured far and wide into photography. I stuck with film and learnt how to develop and darkroom print black and white film. I also found a strong love for instant film, mostly with Fujifilm's Instax.

Beyond film photography, I have ventured into Digital Photography and have found a love for shooting portraits. 

This lead to me to begin Perception Photography, which is my party photography service. 

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