Second time in a while

I’ve clearly neglected my website - it’s been 5 months since I last made an update.

It’s been 325 days since I left Australia and 275 days since starting my life in Rotterdam.

The last few months saw me leave my first job here and start managing a cool pizza place in the city center. I’ve learnt so much, eaten countless pizzas and fumbled around the language.

I’ve also explored a bunch of Dutch cities and started to make the most of Ryan Air’s €15 flights (which always costs more to get to and from the airport).

I still have no idea what I want to do when I get back to Melbourne. My roots are in graphic design but I think it’s finally time to admit it’s not my calling - at least in a 9-5 setting. I always find myself interested and curious about branding, obscure architectural details and cool interior  objects but can’t see myself entering that realm for money in the near future.

A Dutch tourist in Rotterdam asked me for directions to Centraal Station and I could feel myself getting excited that I knew the answer and could assist in such a small way. I’ve always had this feeling while traveling - even in my home city. Knowing a city layout, how to get around, upcoming projects and obscure history details really get me excited.

Hopefully I’m able to do something like this in Melbourne. Not too sure in what capacity but I think it would be really cool working for The City of Melbourne in their tourism department.

I hope it’s not too long between posts on here but even if it is, it’s a nice way to see my progress.

Till next time ~

First time in a while

For the first time in a while I’m using my website.
I’m in my bedroom looking over Noorderkanaal in Rotterdam’s north to the everchanging view.

The leaves are falling, filling the street and revealing more of what’s on the other side of the canal.

It’s been 171 days since I left Australia and 121 days since starting my life in Rotterdam.

I’m not sure where this leaves me in terms of my creativity, but this small post feels like a tiny step.

I’m not going to put any pressure on myself to update this but I think starting is the hardest part.

Buienradar says it’s not raining today which is a win for this time of year.

As the Dutch say “jij bent niet van suiker gemaakt!” 

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