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I'm always up for a chat about anything design or techno related so feel free send me an email or DM.

A bit from me

Hey, I'm Marc. Thanks for having a look at my work.

Currently I'm a digital designer at JB Hi-Fi. I think it's pretty cool to be working with one of Australia's largest brands. From short deadlines to rebranding JB Perks, I've put my hands on most of JB's digital assets for the last year and a bit. 

I love branding, publication layout, art deco & brutalist architecture, risograph prints and techo.

I've also had a go at renovating a property which was both super challenging and rewarding!

Recently found a love for the 1960's modular Kiosk K67 which are a prefab booth that were dotted across Yugoslavia. Also started on the (very expensive) hunt for techno vinyl in the hopes to have some fun mixing in my bedroom.

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